Alaska & British Columbia

Kayaking the Inside Passage:  Covering 1,300 miles over 65 days breaks down to 20 miles per day of paddling.  This summer-long journey ended up setting the record for fastest self-propelled transit of the Inside Passage.  Check out the images from the low-laying San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest, the towering granite cliffs of Desolation Sound, the shores of the temperate rain forests in Southeast Alaska, which will eventually lead you to the frigid glacier-fed waters of Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.  

Southeast Alaska Expedition Cruising: Browse the photos from luxury small-ship expedition cruising through my favorite part of the world.  Wildlife, scenery, sunsets, sunrises, and disappearing glaciers have left a heavy impact on my life.  Check out the gallery to see what this special corner of the earth has to offer...

Voyages from Seattle to Glacier Bay National Park

Antarctica & South Georgia

Antarctica:  I've seen a different Antarctica each year due to climate change.  During my four years of expedition cruising, exploring, and paddling along the Antarctic Peninsula, I've tried to capture my favorite elements such as dynamic ice sculptures and the unmatched wildlife to share with those who may never see the same Antarctica.  Humans have altered the climate and things are changing...  browse the gallery of The Frozen Continent and what truly is the last wild frontier.

South Georgia:  Considered a sub-antarctic island, this piece of rugged terrain used to sit below the Antarctic Convergence.  Now that climate change has pushed the convergence pole-ward, scenic landscapes and wildlife refuges are now seeing the effects of the warmer temperatures.  South Georgia remains a spectacular destination with some environmentally tragic and humanly heroic history.  To spark the inner-mountaineer and wildlife conservancy in you... check out the gallery for what South Georgia will have you dreaming about.

Expedition cruising and sea kayaking along the Antarctic Peninsula & South Georgia

Baja California

“Ideas are not dangerous unless they find seeding place in some earth more profound than the mind.”
John Steinbeck, The Log from the Sea of Cortez

There is so much life in this desolate desert!  Empty soft-sand beaches and shorelines ready to paddle, provide plenty of inspiring sounds, sights, and smells to let your mind wander.  Always a great destination during the winter months.  See a preview of Baja by browsing the gallery and feed that hunger for some dry desert and salt air.

Exploring the Sea of Cortez

Bhutan & Nepal

Bhutan:  "Happiest place in the world" ... couldn't agree more!  The quiet politeness and welcoming communities of the Bhutanese people is what I remember most.  But the country is nestled northeast of India, tucked into the base of the Himalayas. What better combination?? Happiest place in the world at foot of the massive Himalayas?  I'll be seeing you again Bhutan, until then... browse the pics to see the beauty

Nepal:  Insanely busy Katmandu greeted us before we set off to the hillside foot-highways leading to Everest Base Camp.  From flying into the Lukla airport at 8,000-ft, to acclimatization hikes above abandoned Nepalese villages, to sipping on coffee at Cafe-8848 in Namche Bazaar, our trek answered questions we never thought to ask.  If you're looking for an expereince to induce humility, appreciation of this earth, laughter, camaraderie, and endurance... Nepal is my recommendation.

Exploring Bhutan and trekking to Everest Base Camp

Desert Life

Some of my favorite adventures and photo destinations are found right here in the USA.  This is my backyard; locations are sometimes a 10 minute drive, others are only a few hours away.  Check out the gallery to see what's available in the desert regions of the southwest ... this is just scratching the surface, got any recommendations of where to adventure next??

Adventures in our backyard


Greenland.  My premier photo destination for icebergs.


The size and speed at which these frozen giants live is terrifying.  Most shots are outside Ilulisaat, a small town along the western coast of Greenland where over 17% of the island's ice escapes through a 25 mile glacier carved fjord.  Access to this town and the river of icebergs is spotty, but once you're there... you are THERE.  The sound of icebergs colliding and breaking apart is strangely what I consider the sound of earth's fragility.  Check out the gallery to see what this ice-covered arctic island can sculpt.

Coastal explorations and ice tours


Iceland is an incredible place to explore, and it's even better if you're savvy with a map.  Driving the road that twists its way along the outer reaches of the island brought unexpected sights, wildlife encounters, unique food, and a full sample of what Iceland is all about.  Fill up a campervan full of overly expensive Icelandic beer, get used to spending some cash, and never miss a chance to fill up on petrol.  Amazing black sand beaches with crystal-like bits of ice lay at the foot of receding glaciers accessible from the road or with a short hike.  Scour the north shore for puffin rookeries or get a 4x4 for an even more rugged tour of the interior of the island.  But definitely...GO.  

Icelandic summer in a campervan

Northwest Passage

This gallery was created after the controversial voyage of Crystal Serenity's transit of the Northwest Passage.  Fortunately, I signed on to the escort and logistics supply ship RRS Ernest Shackleton, a stout and powerful DP2 ice breaking toy-hauler.  Fitted with 2 helicopters, 15 zodiacs, 14 sea kayaks, and 1 RHIB, we supported the larger cruise ship's transit from Nome, AK to New York City, NY along a route that was deemed "impassible" by early explorers due to so much ice.   ...not the case today.  Check out the images of the rare wildlife, recently unveiled scenery, and resiliency of the environment.  

Notorious waters above Canada


Massive fjord systems tied together with an incredible infrastructure comprise the Norwegian coastline.  Countless waterfalls, cliff-side communities, and new flavors in local delicacies bring me back for a second summer.  From the Hanseatic-influenced town of Bergen to the bird-filled Storstappen Islands, the Norwegians have an incredible place to call home.

Europe's access to the Arctic, a coastal tour northward

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